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Meet on arrival and transfer to The Wallawwa ( approx. 30 minutes by road)

Check-in at The Wallawwa,unpack and unwind and spend the rest of the day at leisure

                                 Overnight atThe Wallawwa

(One night  stay in aWallawwa Bedroom DBL on Bed & Breakfast Basis)


Breakfast at The Wallawwa

After breakfastyou will proceed to Wilpattu NationalPark for an exciting game drive ( approx. 3.5 hrs by road).


Wilpattu National Park(Willu-pattu; Land of Lakes) is a park located on the island of Sri Lanka. Theunique feature of this park is the existence of "Willus" (Natural lakes)- Natural, sand-rimmed water basins or depressions that fill with rainwater.Located in the Northwest coast lowland dry zone of Sri Lanka. The park islocated 30 km west Anuradhapura and located 26 km north of Puttalam(approximately 180 km north of Colombo). The park is 131, 693 hectares andranges from 0 to 152 meters above sea level. Nearly sixty lakes (Willu) andtanks are found spread throughout Wilpattu. Wilpattu is the largest and one ofthe oldest National Parks in Sri Lanka. Wilpattu is among the top nationalparks world-renowned for its leopard (Panthera pardus kotiya) population. Theleopard population in Wilpattu is not known.


Transfer to Ulagalla for thenight. Rest of the evening at leisure.


                                Overnight Stay at The Ulagalla

(Two night stay in an Ulagalla Chalet on Bed & Breakfast Basis)

Breakfast at Ulagalla

Explore the ancient ruins of Anuradapura after breakfast ( approx. 20 minutes by road)


Anuradhapurais one of the ancient capitals of Sri Lanka, famous for its well-preservedruins of       ancient Sri Lankancivilization. It was the third capital of the Kingdom of Rajarata, followingthe    kingdoms of Tambapanni and UpatissaNuwara.The city, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was the center of TheravadaBuddhism for many centuries. The city lies 205 km (127 mi) north of the current capital Colombo in Sri Lanka's NorthCentral Province, on the banks of the historic Malvathu Oya. It is one of theoldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and one of the eight World HeritageSites of Sri Lanka.


It isbelieved that from the fourth century BC until the beginning of the 11thcentury AD it was the capital of theSinhalese. During this period it remained one of the most stable and durable centersof political power and urban life in South Asia. The ancient city, consideredsacred to the Buddhist world, is today surrounded by monasteries covering anarea of over sixteen square miles.


We recommend lunch at The Palm Garden Village in Anuradhapura


Transfer back to Ulagalla after lunch.


Overnight Stay at The Ulagalla

After breakfast proceed to Aukana Buddha Statue. ( approx. 45 minutes by road)

The Avukana statue is a standingstatue of the Buddha near Kekirawa in North Central Sri Lanka. The statue,which has a height of more than 40 feet (12 m), has been carved out of a largegranite rock face during the 5th century. It depicts a variation of the Abhayamudra, and the closely worn robe is elaborately carved. Constructed during thereign of Dhatusena, it may have been made as a result of a competition betweena master and a pupil. Avukana statue is one of the best examples of a standingstatue constructed in ancient Sri Lanka. It is now a popular tourist attractionin the country.


Check-in at Water Garden Sigiriya


This evening at approx. 4 PM you will beginto climb the Sigiriya Rock Fortress.


                                The 5th centuryrock citadel of King Kasyapa and World Heritage Site - Sigiriya - doesn't only boasts of ancient Sri Lankan engineering& urban planning supremacy but also acclaims to be one of the finestmonuments of art & culture. Step through the gigantic 'Lion Paws' -overlooking the symmetrical royal gardens below - to comprehend the absolutesplendor that once dominated this rock fortress. Surrounded by ramparts &moats the Lion Rock - resembling the mythological 'City of Gods' - is coated byfrescoes that relate to Gupta style paintings found in Ajanta caves of India.Walk in the shade of an eminent 'mirror wall' embracing the Western face ofSigiriya representing an artistic hundred meters laminated with graffiti.Wander into the well-fabricated museum downstairs for an epic journey ofyesteryears to realize how the citadel floated above citizens with the castle,ponds and irrigation systems that pumped water right onto its summit with aningenious hydraulic system describing a colossal masterpiece of the great kingwhich remained a wonder in Asia for centuries.


                                Transfer toWater Garden Sigiriya for the night.


                                Overnight Stay at Water Garden Sigiriya

(Two night stay in a Villa Room DBL on Bed  & Breakfast Basis)

Breakfast at Water Garden Sigiriya

Transfer to Polonnaruwa afterbreakfast ( approx. 1.5 hrs by road)


Visit Ancient City ofPolonnaruwa


Rising with the decline ofAnuradhapura, the city of Polonnaruwa- medieval capital & crown jewel of King Parakramabahu I - remains superiorproof of ancient culture & heritage blended with religious beliefs. Walkacross its scattered walls of the World Heritage Site - blessed by stupas,resting Buddha statues, irrigation canals and fantastically carved Hindusculptures - while observing the relic house - Watadage - which boasts ofbeautiful stone carvings. Take a close glance and you will realize a subtleHindu influence on architecture and statues found in Polonnaruwa. Or sit by theside of Galviharaya and observe the absolute beauty gushing out of every bendof its huge Buddhist statues. Nissankamalla Council Chamber is however, ahead-spinning beauty to just sit back and observe with its swaying pillars remindingthe aesthetics of a powerful kingdom which rests beside Parakrama Samudraya -sea of Parakramabahu & masterpiece of irrigation!


We recommend lunch at TheLakehouse ( at own cost).


Enjoy tea at sunset at Bird Island


After lunch you will go on a 10minute canoe ride to a surreal bird island, inhabited with three to fourhundred thousand birds and enjoy a cup pf plain tea and hot hot rotti (made onthe island itself)on woven mats at sunset with Nimal - a  fisherman who enjoys the simple life and  loves exploring  the outdoors and jungles...



                                Overnight Stay at Water Garden Sigiriya


Breakfast at Water Garden Sigiriya

After breakfast, you will visit Dambulla Cave temples with yourguide. (approx. 30 minutes by road)


On route you will visit DambullaCave Temples.Rock Temple (Rangiri Dambulla Rajamaha Viharaya)and The GoldenTemple(Rangiri Dambulla Uyanwatta Rajamaha Viharaya) are interconnected templeswith single administration.  The historyof Rock Temple goes back to the first century B.C., commenced by the KingVattagamini Abhaya and thereafter kings, Maha Parakramabahu, Nissankamalala,Keerthi Sri Rajasinghe and five  cavetemples, particularly named, Devaraja Viharaya, Maharaja Viharaya, Maha AlutViharaya. Paschima Viharaya and Devena Alut Viaharaya respectively.


You will then transfer to Kandy ( approx. 2.5 hrs). Rest of the eveningat leisure.


                                Overnight Stay at The Kandy House

(Two nights at a Deluxe DBL on Bed & Breakfast Basis)


Breakfast at The Kandy House

Afterbreakfast you will transfer to Kandy to explore this sacred city ( approx.30minutes by road)


Last ruled by King Sri WickramaRajasinghe - before it was brought under the British rule in 1815, Kandy - theWorld Heritage Site & last royal capital of Sri Lankan kings - crafts anarray of culture, history and heritage in the minds of visitors across theglobe. Experience an ancient Kandyan legacy engraved around its crown jewel,the temple of the sacred tooth relic of Lord Buddha.

 We recommend lunch at The EmpireCafe ( at own cost)

 Tea at a local resident's home. Kandy is known for it's aristocraticpeople with their proud history and  youwill learn about this from a resident of Kandy.

 Then you will visit the Temple of the Tooth (UNESCO) during the6PM puja time.You will get insider access to the inner chamber, where the tooth relic isplaced.

We recommend dinner at SlightlyChilled ( at own cost)

 Overnight Stay at The Kandy House

Breakfast at The Kandy House

Transfer to Peradeniya Botanical Garden's after breakfast


Transfer to the Peradeniya TrainStation, where you will take a scenic train to Hatton in the at 12:30hrs ( approx. 3.5hrs by train).


NB: Please note that train journeys are subject to availability 10days prior to the date of train ride. Please do not confirm this facility toclients until you receive confirmations from Aitken Spence Travels


Please note that your chauffeurguide will transfer you to Peradeniya Station and travel to the Hatton trainstation with your luggage and pick you up at the Hatton Train Station andTransfer you to Tea Trails for the night.


Overnight Stay at Tea Trails

(Two nights at a Luxury DBL on All Inclusive  Basis)


Breakfast at Tea Trails

This morning you will learn about the amazing story of Ceylon Teawith Resident tea planter. In the evening you may like to inspect the other TeaTrails Bungalows.


                                Overnight Stay at Tea Trails

Breakfast at Tea Trails

Transfer to Tangalle afterbreakfast. is a big town in Hambantota District, Southern Province, Sri Lanka,governed by an Urban Council. It is one of the largest towns in southernprovince


Rest of the evening at leisureat The Last House. 

  Overnight Stay at The Last House

(Three nights at Moonamal DBL on Bed & Breakfsat Basis)

Breakfast at The Last House

Day atleisure.


We recommend a visit to The Mulkirigala Temple and/ or Blow Hold duringthe day.(Optiona)


The most popularday excursion from Tangalle is to the stunning rock temple of Mulkirigala, 20kmto the north where after ascending a series of rock steps you will reach fewnatural caves with numerous wall paintings and Buddha statues. One cavehouses  a library in  which, a mostimportant discovery was made in 1826 by a British administrator  George Tumour who found some long-unseenpalm-leaf manuscripts containing the key to translating the Mahawamsa, theGreat Chronicle of Sri Lanka. It is well worth making it the summit, for thereare magnificent views to be had of the surrounding countryside.


The Hoo-maniya blowhole, fewkilometres west of Tangalle in the fishing village of Kudawela. The fancifulname derives from the low, booming "Hoo" sound that precedes the jetsof water. The blowhole is formed from a deep, narrow cleft in the cliff, around20m deep & a meter wide, which funnels plumes of water up into the air ingreat jets by some terrific action of water pressure. It's most impressiveduring the monsoon - May to Nov.


This evening we recommend avisit to The Rekawa Turtle Sanctuary.Located approximately 20 mints fromTangalle, Rakawa Turtle sanctuary is a 02 km stretch of protected coastlinewhich is a nesting haven for 05 species or marine turtles.  On this day we recommend dinner at BuckinghamPlace;


Overnight Stay at The Last House

Breakfast at The Last House

Day atleisure 

Yourvehicle and guide will be at your disposal.( 80km costed in per day).


Overnight Stay at The Last House

Breakfast at The Last House

Transferto Galle after breakfast ( approx. 1hrs)


Werecommend a visit to a working Cinnamon Plantation at Villa Mayurana, followedby a Cinnamon infused lunch ( at own cost)


This evening you will explore the Galle Fort with your guide.


                                Galle, the epicSouthern capital, is the intersection where classic Dutch architecture meets atropical setting creating a vivid atmosphere in beauty. Walk the Dutch-hauntedstreets listening to the creaks of wooden saloon doors and observe how Europeanarchitecture mingles with South Asian traditions today flooding culturalenthusiasts on a global scale. Its original ramparts and bastions preserved upto date showcase evidences of a heritage preserved for more than 3 1/2centuries. Walk clockwise within the fort to observe the 'old gate' carryingthe British coat of arms. Flanking the old gate is the Zwart bastion - theoldest of all - and the lighthouse standing 18 feet in its glory next to thePoint Utretcht Bastion.


This Dutch bliss is painted withstreets that spread in a rectangular grid pattern pierced with houses carryingDutch colonial style verandas. Hop into the Dutch Hospital Shopping Complex tobe mesmerized by an array of souvenir selections. However, its hallmark standsa reality where the Dutch fort remains a working community with its usual buzzof administrative offices, court complex, commercial buildings, churches andSouthern folks frequenting its streets bracing the air of the Elysium ofarchitecture, Galle!


We recommend a scrumptious seafood dinner at Thalpe Beach Restaurant which works really well as a seafoodrestaurant suggestions for guests ( payment direct).



Overnight Stay at Amangalla

(One nights at a Bedroom DBL on Bed & Breakfast Basis)

Breakfast at The Amangalla

Transferto Colombo after breakfast (approx. 2.5 hrs by road)


This evening you will explore Colombo with interestingand lively Resident               


Host at approx.3.30PM. Meeting point for this walking tour will be the Dutch Hospital    complex. Here you will be picked up by thehost of the tour. Your tour will end at the same venue, where your Guide willbe there to pick you up after the tour and be at your disposal thereafter.


Mark or one of his trusted friends will guide youthrough a myriad of buildings that date back from 17thcentury to the90’s that were erected mainly during the Dutch &               British rule (butwe are tremendously lucky to stillhave a few of Dutch Architecture to gaze upon). Nothing of the Portuguese ruleremains, sadly. With the dawn of the post-conflict times, we see the tremendous effort being put into thisarea to refurbish and bring these buildings to their hay-       day wondrous state. It is an opportunetime to visit the capital on foot, before some of these buildings are takenover by well recognized companies and are no longer in their shabby-chic comfortzone.


The tour will begin with High tea and the re-telling ofthe infamous story of Ceylon Tea at the Dilmah Tea Lounge.Dilmah is unique; abrand that is founded on a passionate commitment to quality and authenticity intea, it is also a part of a philosophy that goes beyond commerce in seeingbusiness as a matter of human service.



You will hardly come across a person who isnot willing for their picture to be taken…     ‘ThePearl of the Indian Ocean’ is also being coined as a ‘Land of Many Smiles’making one second guess if it is Sri Lanka or Taiwan that should get thisnickname. Depending entirely on our guests’ enthusiasm, seeing Pettah is alsoan option during this walk. This market place is older than the buildings youwill see; and as non-touristic as you will get. 


We recommend dinner at The Gallery Cafe orThe Laggoon at Cinnamon Grand for some delicious famous Sri Lankan Sea Food.



Overnight Stay at The Residence by Uga

(One night stay in a Park Suite DBL on Bed & Breakfast Basis


  • • Accommodation in standard rooms on Bed & Breakfast basis for 14 nights from breakfast on day 02 to breakfast on day 15 at hotels specified or of similar standard.

  • • Transportation by air-conditioned vehicle as per the itinerary and all inclusive on Day 08 & 09

  • • Entrance fees to Wilpattu National Park, Anuradhapura, Aukana Buddha Statue, Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Cultural Show, Kandy Temple, Peradeniya Botanical Garden, Tea Factory Visit,Galle Museum, Tea with resident host in Kandy, Boat ride and Tea

  • • Jeep cost for Wilpattu National Park ( 01 Safari)

  • • Train Journey from Peradeniya to Hatton NB: Please note that train journeys are subject to availability 10 days prior to the date of train ride. Please do not confirm this facility to clients until you receive confirmations from Local Agent

  • • Services of an English Speaking Chauffeur Guide


  • • Video Camera and Still Camera permits at the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy.

  • • Lunch & dinner throughout the tour except on Day 08 & 09.

  • • Entrance fees & fares to sites not specified above.

  • • Anything in relevant to Air Ticketing.

  • • Additional running other than above specified program.

  • • Cost of beverage throughout the tour.

  • • Expenses of a personal nature.

  • • Tips and Porterage

  • • Any other services not specified above.


  • • Optional excursions and additional services could be provided for which we will charge additionally.

  • • Visits to wild life parks will be at client's own risk.

  • • Jeeps available are very basic with basic insurance cover (not comprehensive as in the case of vehicles used for tours).


  • • 60 Days prior to the scheduled starting date: Lost of Deposit

  • • 60-45 Days prior to the scheduled starting date: 50% Cancellation Fee

  • • 45-30 Days prior to the scheduled starting date: 75% Cancellation Fee

  • • 30 Days prior to the scheduled starting date: 100% Cancellation


  • The official check-in time at all hotels will be 1200hrs.

  • The official check-out time at all hotels will be 1100hrs.